In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the city partnership between Berlin and Istanbul, numerous events took place in both cities, amongst them SubOrient Productions* created two festivals in the two culture metropolises. Far from the mainstream routes we aimed at making the diverse undergroud scenes of both cities more visible, talked about socio-political development and connected artists, such as live-musicians, Djs, filmmakers, dancers- and audiovisual performers.

After the kick-off festival in Berlin in September 2014 at Klunkerkranich and Fuchs & Elster, the "Kolektif" moved on to the second edition to Istanbul which took place in November 2014. In Salt Galata cinema, the live music clubs Arsen Lüpen and KargArt as well as the legendary night club Wake Up Call we share Berlin's and Istanbul's diversity and creativity with our guests.

* SubOrient Productions are composed of Ipek Ipekcioglu, Jamila Al-Yousef and Begüm Karahan. The Berlin based Kolektif wants to make diversity of high quality arts in different disciplines visible with special focus of underrepresented voices of the Middle East. As a transcultural underground movement its aim is far from the mainstream to create a free space for culture makers being able to critically reflect socio-political issues in public.

Trailer by Begüm Karahan, Music Berlin Balkan Bond - Ipek Ipekcioglu



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